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    Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mobility Device as a Gift (Upright Mobility Scooter, Upright Walker, Upright Cane)

    How to Choose the Appropriate Device

    The first thing you should consider when purchasing a mobility device as a gift for a loved one is the appropriateness of the device. How much support does your loved one need?

    Consider that a walking cane alleviates 25% of the weight of a person and is only used by one hand. On the other hand, a walker alleviates 50% of the weight of a person and is used with both hands. Finally, a mobility scooter alleviates 100% of the weight of a person. With each device, however, the individual is more limited in terms of their independence.

    Some people prefer to use a cane even though a walker feels better because they prefer to have a free hand to use as they maneuver. All this to say, personality and personal preference definitely should be a factor!

    Additionally, your loved one may have already been recommended a type of assistive device. In this case, you should follow medical recommendations when applicable. Your loved one’s doctor knows their limitations and abilities best based on their professional and medical experience.


    What Are the Features?

    Another point to consider when buying a mobility device as a gift is to consider what features your loved one may choose for themselves.

    Foldable Design

    Does your loved one enjoy traveling despite their mobility limitations? If so, you should consider a mobility device which is adjustable or collapsible for easier use.

    For example, the Upright Scooter is completely collapsible, making it convenient for travel by car or plane.

    Additionally, the Upright Scooter may be a great fit for your loved one if the vehicle they usually use to get around is small. Most mobility scooters require a van for proper use and storage of the scooter, but with an Upright Scooter, you can store it in smaller spaces!

    Safety Features

    Additional safety features are always a great idea to have on assistive devices. Whether you are purchasing an upright cane, upright walker, or upright mobility scooter for your loved one, you want to make sure they will be safe at all times.

    A mobility scooter should have key safety features, such as a horn and headlights, for increased visibility. Also, anti-slip wheels, which provide traction and a smooth riding experience, are important!

    Ease of Use Features

    Other interesting features that you may want to have on an assistive device include those that make the assistive device easier to use. For example, the Upright Mobility Scooter by Upright Cane includes a swivel feature that allows the user to easily mount and dismount the scooter for convenience and to avoid any unnecessary pain.

    The Upright Mobility Scooter also comes with a front basket, which allows the user to carry items with them while their hands are occupied with using the scooter.

    Speed and Independence

    You should also consider features geared toward speed and mobility independence before you purchase an assistive device for your loved one. When buying an electric scooter, ask yourself how much speed they are comfortable with. Will they prefer a scooter that has a higher maximum speed?

    Buying a disability scooter that is too slow may make your loved one feel like they are making others wait on them. Additionally, buying a mobility scooter that cannot handle inclines can be limiting. The Upright Mobility Scooter by Upright Cane can handle inclines up to 6 degrees effortlessly.

    Battery life is another factor that may impact the independence of your loved one. If your loved one would prefer to be out and about for long periods of time, you should consider purchasing a scooter with a high battery life. For example, the Upright Scooter has a battery life of 12.4 miles per charge, which is a great deal of use per day!


    Size and Fit

    Not all mobility devices are one size fits all. You will need to make sure that the device you are purchasing will fit and support the weight of the person you are purchasing it for.

    Another option, however, is to purchase an assistive device that is adjustable. In fact, the best choice you can make while purchasing an assistive device for a loved one is to purchase one that is completely adjustable. This way, they can continue to use the device even as their weight may fluctuate, or their height may decrease as they grow older.

    The products made by the brand Upright Cane are highly adjustable. For example, the Upright Mobility Scooter can be used by occupants up to 400 pounds and adjusts based on height. Users anywhere from 4 feet tall to 6 foot 5 inches tall can easily use the same device.

    The Upright Walker and Upright Cane designs also have similar accommodations for height and weight. 



    So, now that you’ve finished reading our guide—which assistive device will you purchase? We’ve given you much to think about, but in summary, it’s most important to put yourself in the shoes of your loved one. What will empower them? What device will keep them safe?

    The Upright Mobility Scooter is an affordable electric mobility scooter that is highly rated and addresses most of the needs of mobility scooter users. It allows users to be independent, travel for long distances, while staying safe and avoiding pain.

    If you would like to learn more about the Upright Scooter, click here to read more.

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