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    Is It Time to Switch to an Upright Walker?


    What is an Upright Walker?

    An upright walker is a mobility device that helps people to walk by allowing them to balance their weight on it. Typically, upright walkers are used in cases where a cane does not provide enough support or stability when walking.

    An upright walker differs from a traditional walker in that it allows the user to stand upright while using the assistive device. The traditional walker promotes a hunched posture which can exacerbate pain and conditions that affect the back, neck, and shoulders.

    The hunched posture that a traditional walker encourages also may lead to unnecessary trips and falls by allowing the user to lean too much of their weight forward. On the other hand, the unique Upright Walker design helps to achieve balance while alleviating pressure on painful joints.


    What Are Some Signs You May Need an Assistive Device?

    The use of an assistive device may be formally recommended by a medical provider, or it may be the decision of an individual due to pain, discomfort, or issues with balancing. But how do you know when you should start using an assistive device on your own?

    There are a few key signs that an individual should consider an assistive device. These signs include:

    • Pain when walking
    • Risk of falling or a prior fall
    • Unstable balance
    • Difficulty with walking
    • Trouble with stairs or slopes

    These signs are a good indicator that you should discuss an assistive device with your doctor or try one out to see if it provides you with relief.


    What Are the Signs You May Need to Use a Walker?

    More specifically, there are signs that point to the need for an individual to start using a walker. As we mentioned those who use walkers typically have higher mobility needs than those who use canes, but it can be tricky to decide between the two.

    Some of the signs you may need to start using a walker may simply be that you aren’t receiving enough support from your cane.

    If you identify with one or more of the following, you should consider upgrading from a cane to a walker:

    • You have experienced a recent fall.
    • You find that walking with a cane is still painful.
    • You are struggling with your balance, even with a cane.
    • You have been labeled a fall risk.
    • You are unable to maneuver your home with a cane.
    • You are having difficulty leaving the home with a cane.
    • You become tired or exhausted from walking.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. A walker may also be recommended by a medical professional based on the severity of limitations or an identified fall risk.


    Benefits of Using an Upright Walker

    We’ve covered the reasons why a person may need to switch to a walker, but so far, we’ve focused mostly on their ability to do more than canes do. But why should you invest in an upright walker rather than a traditional walker?

    The truth is, while all walkers can provide more support than a cane, the upright walker has a superior design that implements key safety features and ease of use features. Simply put, there are many benefits of using an upright walker.


    An upright walker provides more independence than a traditional walker does. By alleviating pain, allowing for a steady gait, and keeping the individual upright, an upright walker allows people to be mobile with confidence.

    Also, an upright walker promotes confident walking indoors and outdoors and empowers those who are elderly or have disabilities that limit mobility.

    Pain Relief

    An upright walker is the superior choice for pain relief as a mobility aid. Its upright design enables the user to walk without hunching and apply their body weight to the device evenly.

    Better Posture

    Additionally, the upright design of an upright walker allows the user to have and maintain better posture. Having better posture helps the user to avoid unnecessary back, neck, and shoulder strain from hunching over while getting around.

    Improved Safety

    Finally, the design of an upright walker allows for better balance while walking, which reduces fall risks caused by leaning too far over the walker.


    Where to Buy an Upright Walker

    Upright walkers are usually covered by insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

    The Upright Walker from Upright Cane has additional features included, such as a detachable storage bag, a cane or umbrella holder, and a lifetime warranty. It also comes with handbrakes to disengage the wheels of the walker, and it folds easily in the trunk of a car.

    Other included features that come standard with the Upright Walker include a cushioned seat for necessary breaks and rest, support for up to 400 pounds, a backrest, and complete height adjustment. In fact, the Upright Walker can accommodate users from 4’5” all the way to 6’5”.

    You can purchase the exclusive Upright Walker from Upright Cane with its revolutionary design here.



    Those with mobility issues can gain a great deal of independence from using an assistive device that meets their needs. There’s no need to continue struggling to get around while using a cane when a walker can help you to continue to do the activities you enjoy with mobility limitations.

    If you feel that a walker suits your mobility needs best, you should consider investing in an Upright Walker to protect the health of your back, neck, and shoulders. The added features are also undeniably helpful!

    If you would like to learn more about the unique upright walker design, click here to read more.

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