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    How a Walking Cane Can Help Prevent Future Back Pain

    What is a Walking Cane?

    Walking canes are an assistive device used to help people maintain their balance when walking. They are also used to provide support for posture and relieve pressure on joints by dispersing weight. As an assistive device, walking canes are most commonly used on a long-term basis for support.

    Some walking canes, such as the Upright Cane, are multipurpose and adjustable. With an extra safety feature, the Upright Cane allows people to use their cane to safely stand up without risking tipping over.

    While canes are commonly used by the elderly, canes are also very helpful for those who experience back pain or who have a disabling impairment. In fact, they are often recommended for those who have back pain or back injuries.


    How Can a Walking Cane Help with Back Pain?

    Walking canes help to mitigate back pain by relieving pressure and weight on your joints and spine. They are not just for individuals who have issues with pain in their legs or hips. Those with chronic back pain can also use a cane to help them balance, stay upright, and ease their pain.

    This is because walking canes take extra weight off of the lower extremities and spine while walking and allow you to stay upright more easily while being mobile. Rather than walking with a painful limp, you can use a walking cane to empower your gait and keep you steady while on the move.

    Walking canes can help support up to 25% of your weight, help alleviate strain on your back while rising from a seated position, and

    For these reasons and more, walking canes are commonly recommended by medical providers to those with chronic back pain.

    Other ways that walking canes can help people with back pain include:

    • Provide more independence
    • Avoid dangerous falls
    • Extra support in maneuvering stairs
    • Support walking on ice or slippery surfaces


    How Does Not Using an Assistive Device Contribute to Pain?

    Walking unbalanced without assistance can cause other muscles and parts of the back to become sore and contribute to the problem. While walking with a limp or hunched over may feel better, you could be causing long-term or chronic damage by not walking properly.

    Additionally, risking a serious fall by walking without stability is a recipe for disaster. Falls can cause major back problems, exacerbate existing conditions, and can even be fatal. Serious falls risk exposing your body to further injury.

    Using a cane is a much better alternative than welcoming further injury by walking off-balance, not having adequate stability, and having an unsteady gait.


    How Do You Use a Walking Cane?

    First and foremost, you’ll need to choose the right walking cane for you. Using a walking cane that is inappropriate for your height or not stable will defeat the purpose of using a cane. Choosing the right cane is crucial. You should select a walking cane that comes up to your hip bone for best support. Otherwise, an adjustable cane, like the Upright Cane, is a great choice for those who worry about finding the right fit.

    Once you have purchased a suitable walking cane, simply walk as you would normally while using the cane with each step you take. Distribute your weight onto your cane as it feels comfortable.

    Try not to lean too hard on your walking cane while you are using it. Hunching over can do more harm than good for your back. Remember that using a cane is meant to help you balance and support you while walking.

    If you find that you cannot avoid leaning over your cane while walking, it is possible that a walking cane is not the right assistive device for you. For more information on assistive devices that provide more support, such as an upright walker, click here.


    Where Can You Buy a Walking Cane?

    Walking canes are available at most pharmacies and can also be prescribed by a doctor. Because of this, they are also eligible for coverage from Medicaid and Medicare to help with costs. However, just because walking canes are commonplace doesn’t mean that all walking canes are alike. 

    Some walking canes are made of higher quality materials, while others are cheaper and more flexible. Flexible walking canes can be unreliable to lean on and may be hazardous to use in outdoor conditions.

    The price range for a walking cane varies by type, quality, and manufacturer. They typically range between $15 and $200. Specialty walking canes usually incorporate extra features and luxury walking canes may have interesting handles, art, or designs.



    For those with back pain, using an upright cane is a great idea to protect your back and alleviate your pain. Between the safety benefits and the pain relief benefits, you won’t regret investing in the use of a cane to help with your back pain.

    If you are interested in purchasing an upright walking cane, you should consider the Upright Cane! The Upright Cane comes standard with additional features catered toward those who experience mobility issues.

    It includes an extra bar for support in standing from a sitting position and incorporates a foldable design for ease of use. Also, the Upright Cane comes with extra unique safety features, which include an LED flashlight and an alarm system. Learn more about the Upright Cane here.

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